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IMTHAILAND 2022 - InterMold Thailand 2022

InterMold Thailand 2022 Show NameInterMold Thailand
InterMold Thailand 2022 Dates June 22, 2022 - June 25, 2022
InterMold Thailand 2022 VenueBangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre (BITEC)
InterMold Thailand 2022 CityBangkok, Thailand

InterMold Thailand 2022 Profile

The InterMold Thailand 2022 in Bangkok is a trade fair and conference for the tool and die industry. InterMold Thailand 2022 responds to economic developments in recent years and the extremely fast-growing need for tools and molds as well as design, engineering, visualization, and simulation. At the InterMold Thailand 2022, the latest technologies and innovations will be presented. For InterMold Thailand 2022 visitors it is an excellent opportunity to exchange ideas with colleagues and make new business contacts. Visitors can find in-depth and comprehensive information about the latest developments, trends, services, and products from many different areas.

Enhance your brand visibility among prospective target groups and overseas delegates. Opportunity to expand your market base through networking with a variety of industries.

InterMold Thailand 2022 will offer a full spectrum of mold & die technologies for 85,000 industrialists. The InterMold Thailand 2022 is an industry’s international event where mold makers will join hands together with 459 brands from 28 countries to see their business empower in the region.

InterMold Thailand 2022 Exhibitor Products Sector

Profile of InterMold Thailand 2022 is based on Boring Machine, Drilling Machine, Finishing Machine, Grinding Machine, Metal-Cut-Off Machine, and Milling Machine. Mold Material & Components: Crush, Die, and Mold Parts Die for Pressing, Injection, Power Metallurgy, Steel, and Work Holding Device. Machine Tool Accessory: Accessories & Attachment, Auxiliary Equipment, Machine Components, and Tool Holders. Tools & Tooling: Cemented Carbide Tools, Cermet Tools, Cutting Tools, and Diamond & CBN Tools.

Precision Measuring Optical Measuring & Testing Machine & Instrument: 3D Co-ordinate Measuring Machine & Instrument, Digital Position Readout System, Surface Roughness Measuring Machine, Universal Measuring Microscope, and Universal Testing Machine. Mold Repair & Maintenance: EDM Equipment, Hot Runner, Mold Repair, Mold Washing Machine, and Polishing Machine. Mold Design & Engineering: 3D Measurement and Digitizing, 3D Printer, CAD/CAM/ CAE Software, Mold Design, and Stimulation.

Registration InterMold Thailand 2022

InterMold Thailand 2022 focus on Mold & Die Manufacturing. Enhance your brand visibility among prospective target groups and overseas delegates. Opportunity to expand your market base through networking with a variety of industries.

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